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At Wraith Sports Group, you're family. You're not just another player on the roster or a revenue-generating commodity. We're here to guide your career on and off the field, and to help you leverage your status as a professional athlete to maximize your profitability and build your brand. We rely on our expertise and network to ensure that you get what you need to position yourself for success. So what are you waiting for? Join us.


Wraith Sports Group is a full-service sports agency that represents the nation's premier athletes. Whether it's draft preparation, contract negotiation, or endorsement procurement, Wraith Sports Group has the expertise and contacts to keep you ahead of the game.


“These guys are exactly what they say there are.

They're great agents & they're like family.

Best of both worlds."


Draft Preparation

The NFL combine and pro day can significantly improve a player's stock in advance of the draft. That's why it's imperative that the athlete receive top-notch training at a reputable facility, along with media and interview preparation. Wraith Sports Group leverages its resources and network to ensure that its athletes receive elite training that puts them in the best position to succeed.

Contract Negotiation

Wraith Sports has significant expertise and experience in contract negotiations. In fact, Wraith Sports's principals have negotiated over $100,000,000 in business deals over the course of their collective careers. Combine that with an extensive understanding of the market, and Wraith Sports Group is well positioned to maximize your value.


More than ever before, your brand matters. Wraith Sports Group helps its clients to develop and maintain their brands and to procure lucrative endorsement deals. To that end, Wraith Sports Group leverages its contacts in the athletic apparel, beverage, fashion, restaurant, and other industries to create valuable and lasting partnerships.


We understand that a player's contributions off the field are as meaningful as their contributions on the field. With that in mind, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they are able to make a difference in their communities and turn their philanthropic dreams into a reality.

wraith sports group_iconic-01.png
wraith sports group_iconic-01.png
wraith sports group_iconic-01.png
wraith sports group_iconic-01.png
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